To the man that wants my heart, 

Time is not about quantity but its about the quality. I want the time we are together to have purpose and to be present in it.

I understand that you are an individual and so I am, that our togetherness will not interrupt who we are but will enhance our shared life experience.
To be in your presence will feel excitingly clam, peaceful, and tranquil. The commutation will flow with openness and honesty.

I want long walks with my hand in yours. I want us to watch the sunset and to dance during the golden hour.  I want lay in the grass and simply listening to the sounds of the world around us, while I trace your shape with my fingers.  I want to enjoy the silence and the laughter. I want you to play with my hair and rub my feet. After a long day, I want to simply sit in your presence and watch the flames dance in the fire while listening to the trees. I want us to be silly, playful, and passionate. I want hugs from behind, to be kissed on my neck and on my forehead.

When I catch you staring at me I will feel how much you love me in your gaze. When you do say I love you its because you do. I want you to know I will love you much as I love myself.  I want to be able to talk to you when I have fears that come up and for you to wipe away my tears, and to know that I don’t want you find my solution but hold me while I find it myself.

I want to you know that we are partners and that you will always walk beside me, not in front of me and not behind me.  I want you to know that when I lay in your arms its because I truely feel safe with you wrapped around me. I want you to know that as I fell asleep listening to your beating heart and your breathing, yours was the love song I was waiting to hear.

Loving you,


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